What does Worf from Star Trek have to do with Africa’s Ogun? What do little green men have to do with Sirius and Amazonian shamanism? How can the pitfalls to your destiny be found in the Twilight Zone? For the answers to these questions and more please tune in to this class.

Just when you thought you had seen it all —
- From Wicker Man to Coffin Joe to Divine Horseman and  Buffy - The Vampyre Slayer , this workshop will explore both traditional and non-traditional forms of spirituality on screen. We will discuss themes such as spectatorship and media hype, while trying to find solutions for more adequate representation. This class is for the movie buff, and media minded pagan alike.

This class will examine the traditional spiritual components of cooking and brewing. Throughout the ages women and men have sought to bring magick into their hearths for the wellbeing of the family and community. Here you will become well versed in many different traditions spiritual uses of foods and drink : Celtic, Native American, African, Asian, etc. We will discuss recipes for your own ritual meads and other brews as well as cooking up some ancestor inspired food for our souls.

This class will explore the Santeria Warrior gods Eleggua, Ogun and Ochosi, traditionally referred to as the Guerreros. They function as a divine trinity to remove obstacles, clear paths and guide followers towards their ultimate destination.  Participants will learn altar set up and appropriate chants and offerings.

This course will provide a hands on session diving into the magickal world of Voodoo and Santeria. We will discuss the origins of these religions and how people can honor these Lwa/Orisha/Deities in their daily lives. One of the most important ways of doing magick in these traditions is the creation of sacred oil, water, and bath formulas. This class will provide recipes, formulas as well as giving everyone a chance to create some of their own preparations.