Zombies, voodoo dolls, uncontrollable possessions, curses and other myths will be debunked and the true magickal nature of this ancient religion will be unraveled in this class. As seekers and practitioners, we will explore how the sacred tradition has survived and flourished despite centuries of suppression.

The recent interest surrounding traditional body art has spawned a craze of ritual voodoo tattooing. This class will describe the necessary elements for a tattoo ritual (not necessarily voodoo), as well as traditional symbols from Haitian Voodoo,  Brazilian Candomble, and Cuban Santeria, that are all suitable for use as either temporary henna tattoos or more permanent methods. We will also discuss traditional African ritual use of scarification and branding.

Magickal recipes for love have been utilized throughout the ages in every different spiritual tradition. What are the magickal benefits to adding cinnamon or vanilla to a recipe? This workshop explores the lore and practice of creating foods of love.

Since mankind has been able to record both sound and image it has been preoccupied with recording the psychic world of the invisibles. This class will discuss magickal and practical techniques for capturing the otherworldly, and provide a historical overview of the psychic photography of the past.

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